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Traditional Lye Soap

Traditional Lye Soap

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Discover the many uses of our Lye Soap – an old-fashioned tradition with modern benefits! This simple yet effective soap bar is perfect for a range of purposes, from keeping your skin clean to tackling laundry stains. Its all-natural ingredients mean it's free from any fragrances, and great for those with sensitive skin. Grandma really did know best – lye soap can be used to soothe poison ivy, oak and rashes, as well as fighting insect bites. Hunters will appreciate its ability to hide human scent while tracking game. And if you're looking for a simple solution to stubborn stains in the laundry, lye soap is up to the task! Choose our 4.5 oz bar of Lye Soap and get ready to experience the many benefits of this time-tested product that works wonders on your body or around your home.

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