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Perfume Set

Perfume Set

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If you want to stay positively fragrant all day, our Natural Perfume Gift Set is the perfect choice for you! This exclusive SET includes one luxurious standard Perfume and one matching Roll-On Perfume for on-the-go. All of our long lasting fragrances are sure to wow your friends and family, while leaving you refreshed and confident that you smell fabulous!

Our premiere range of exquisite perfume scents are made from natural ingredients with a special blend science, creating unique fragrances you'll love. Whether it's sweet and floral or zesty and refreshing, each scent is designed to bring maximum pleasure throughout the day.

Our Roll-On Perfume is also an essential addition to any handbag thanks to its delicate size. With so much to choose from, impress your friends with a scent that will linger long after you have left the room! Make yourself feel extraordinary with this Natural Perfume Gift Set.
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