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Oatmeal & Buttermilk Bath Soak

Oatmeal & Buttermilk Bath Soak

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An Oatmeal Soak is an essential addition to your bath routine! With potent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory compounds, oats work wonders for sensitive, inflamed or eczema-prone skin. 

Colloidal oatmeal, in particular, boasts powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents such as avenanthramides, ferulic acid, and vitamin E. It not only moisturizes but also balances skin pH, combats viruses, and reduces histamine, making it the ideal solution for allergic skin rashes. Moreover, colloidal oatmeal cleanses the skin, leaving it free of impurities.

For a lavishly soothing skin soak, add 1/4 cup to a regular bath or 1/2 cup to a soaking tub. Remember to stir any settle soak on the bathtub bottom before stepping in - and unwind as natural oatmeal skin therapy revitalizes your senses!

Ingredients: colloidal oatmeal, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, buttermilk powder, fragrance. 6 oz bag
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