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Natural Eyelash Serum

Natural Eyelash Serum

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Are you dreaming of achieving long, glamorous eyelashes? Look no further! Our Natural Eyelash Serum is the perfect solution to get you there. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, this serum is designed to give dramatic hair growth and promote longer, fuller eyelashes with improved volume and retention over time. It also helps combat wrinkles around your eyes from premature aging!

Simply dip the wand into the tube and apply the product gel to your lashes just as you would mascara; gently apply to your lashes and along your lash line as you would mascara. You'll get best results by applying it nightly before going to bed, so that it has enough time to work its magic during the night. Don't forget – you can also use this serum on eyebrows to help with thinning eyebrows! Let us help you achieve long beautiful lashes with our easy-to-use Natural Eyelash Serum today!

Ingredients: black castor oil, emu oil, vitamin E .25 fl oz

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