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Mint + Eucalyptus Soap

Mint + Eucalyptus Soap

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Experience the ultimate refreshment with our MINT + EUCALYPTUS Soap! Our special formula contains a perfect blend of refreshing spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils for a wonderfully energizing scent. This unique olive oil-based soap bar is great to use as an invigorating shower soap that will leave you feeling alert and rejuvenated. You can also use it at the sink for a refreshing hand soap that will give you a delightful pick-me-up any time of the day. This powerful bar soap is not recommended for use on the face as it is too strong for delicate skin, but men and women everywhere are loving it for its ability to provide a powerful wash and cleanse without stripping away the natural oils on the skin. Get ready to experience an instantly revitalizing shower or get your hands squeaky clean with this wonderful MINT + EUCALYPTUS Soap!

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Glycerin, Water, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus. 4.25 oz. bar.
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