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White River Bath & Body

Refreshing Foot & Shoe Spray

Refreshing Foot & Shoe Spray

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REFRESHING Foot Spray – your go-to solution for tired, hot feet and stinky odors. Our unique, all-natural formula combines peppermint and spearmint for a fantastically refreshing scent and soothing sensation that you won’t find anywhere else. This powerful combination of natural ingredients work together to cool off the hottest summer days and also help eliminate foul smelling odors without masking them- thanks to the antiseptic properties found in all of our ingredients. A 4 oz bottle provides more than enough product with a fine mist sprayer to make sure each application is perfectly balanced and comfortable.

Forget about smelly shoes this summer; try using REFRESHING Foot Spray! With its powerful natural ingredients, it’s sure to be a hit for any audience looking for odor elimination on their feet without having to worry about stronger chemicals commonly found in other products. 

Ingredients: witch hazel, ethyl alcohol, spearmint, peppermint 4 oz. bottle w/fine mist sprayer 
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