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Naked Soap (Fragrance Free)

Naked Soap (Fragrance Free)

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Naked Soap is the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin, who want to avoid any fragrances or dyes in their skincare. This natural goat's milk soap is a traditional formula that has been crafted for maximum efficacy and gentle cleansing of the hands, face, and body. It offers an ample volume of lather that is creamy and smooth without harsh chemicals or additives. This soap helps to nourish your skin gently while protecting and maintaining its natural balance and moisture.

Experience luxurious bathing with Naked Soap and enjoy dermatologically-friendly cleansing every day. Thanks to this product's fragrance-free composition, you can trust that it won't irritate your skin when used for the face or body areas. Let yourself fall in love with its natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling healthy, moisturized, and protected from environmental stressors - all without any added fragrances or dyes. Reveal softer, smoother skin now with Naked Soap!

 Ingredients: Saponified goat's milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Glycerin, Water 5 oz bar.
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