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Roll-On Perfume (Set of Four)

Roll-On Perfume (Set of Four)

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Our ROLL-ON Perfume sets make it easy for anyone to experience the pleasure and convenience of high-quality, long-lasting fragrances. With three different sets to choose from, you can pick the one that best suits your tastes. Each set contains four tantalizing scents perfect for taking with you on the go or as a gift!

The convenient purse size roller-ball perfume sticks make a perfect addition to any outfit or mood; each time you apply is like having your own personal fragrance expert on hand. Roller them onto your wrists, neck, ears—wherever you find pleasing and enjoy! For a burst of long-lasting fragrance that will last all day, our ROLL-ON Perfumes are the answer!

If you're looking for variety and ease, why not give our Roll-on Sets a try? You'll love the convenience they bring along with their unique and mesmerizing fragrances – what's not to love? Shop now for yourself or someone special and smell great all day!

SET 1: Black River (vanilla coconut), Country Roads, Lavender & Honey, Southern Sunrise

SET 2: American Cowboy, Madagascar Vanilla, Western Lace, Mint + Eucalyptus

SET 3: Apple Honey Champagne, American Beauty, Southern Sunrise, Lavender & Honey

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